This is your moment. Whether you wish to walk down the City Hall grand stairway in taffeta train, or to feel the breeze in tea length gown on Maui beach; we at Novella Bridal are here to make your dream come true. Our wide range of collection reflects the artistic elegance or the simplicity that will perfectly fit your style.

Whether you choose to personalize a dress from our designer collection, alter an existing dress, or work with one of our designers to create a custom made-to-measure gown, our expert tailoring will make sure it provides the fit, form and function you should expect from a well crafted wedding gown. Remember Novella Bridal, your moment, your body, your style.

Rooted in our history of making designer wedding gowns, we understand what you need is not a sewing machine that merely put pieces of fabrics together, but an expert who knows what and how to make a wedding gown that is uniquely yours. Novella Bridal truly values the individual beauty of your story. Whether you are altering a dress passed down from your grandmother or metamorphosing a precious piece of memorial fabric into your gown with blesses, our expertise is in making high value alterations to existing dresses and custom design made-to-measure gowns.